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V-Mail from Lt. John E. Clayton to Dorothy Jackson (02/05/44)

This V-Mail is postmarked February 5, 1944. Clayton chose not to tell Dorothy that Dick Dolf was seriously wounded or that the Clayton crew had been on some pretty rough missions in January, 1944. Censorship of wartime mail was pretty strict and may have prevented him from doing so.

V-Mail Letter from Lt. John E. Clayton to Dorothy "Doty (sp)" Jackson. Transcript:

Dear Doty;

Surprise! It's me and not Jack, so don't be too disappointed. I thought I had better write you one of my short and boring notes, just to let you know that I haven't forgotten you.

If I remember correctly I was supposed to write you weekly, and let you know how Jack is. Well Jack is his usual good and behaving self (it says here, in small letters). But, no kidding, Jack is well, and feels fine. Jack now has five missions in, and I have seven, Dick has seven, and Murphy has eight.

Everyone says hello, and we'll see you soon.

Your Best Man John

Letter Censored By: "Jack"




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